Industrial Routers For Wind Turbines and Farms

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

Wind Farm Monitoring

Ensure smooth operation with remote monitoring:

As the number of wind turbines in operational management increases, so does the need for centralised remote monitoring and maintenance for service processing and economic operation.

The days of dial-up connections in the event of a fault or fault messages via SMS and email are a thing of the past, at least in most wind turbines, or are being replaced.

Real-time data transmission:

For this purpose, modern industrial routers are used to establish a secure communication link with high bandwidth via DSL, fibre optics or LTE.

The plants, which are distributed around the globe, can thus be connected centrally to control systems and monitoring systems or can be accessed by remote desktop programs. Real-time data transmission enables 24/7 monitoring and control.

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

Challenges in the operation of wind farms

Too many components

Operators of wind farms are familiar with the task of putting an existing plant into operation with components from different manufacturers.

In practice, a variety of different components and solutions are involved that are neither coordinated nor compatible with each other, and therefore do not provide a basis for networking.

Often the components used are also no longer up to date, so that a general overhaul is the most sensible alternative.

High maintenance costs

The problems experienced by plant operators are shared by those responsible for installation and maintenance. In most cases such systems are maintained manually and are therefore vulnerable to errors.

This in turn means high support costs and the need for specialist personnel. Costs for unnecessary service calls due to false alarms are a serious issue here.

Security vulnerabilities that can arise from manual maintenance cause additional risks.

Critical infrastructure (CRITIS) conformity

Due to increasing threats from the cyber space, regulators both nationally and internationally are increasingly demanding activities to increase the resilience of critical infrastructure.

This includes increased diligence in the selection of components from trusted suppliers, the obligation to update, and reporting and information requirements.

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines

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