INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

Industrial data communication and networking:

With information on success

INSYS icom is a digitalization expert for industrial data communication. With the core competencies of remote maintenance, remote control, monitoring of states and the networking of data, we build the secure bridge between IT and OT.

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

Connexxa Networks is an INSYS icom Service Provider for Canada delivering tailor-made solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. 

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

With routers from INSYS icom you can network your systems quickly, reliably and securely! They have been developed for the most demanding requirements and flexible use.

Managed Services

In interaction with our routers, the user-friendly remote access solutions from INSYS icom enable you to concentrate on your core business. They create a secure VPN connection, ensure maximum availability and simplify router management.

Edge Computing

In addition, on our routers you can implement applications simply, securely and reliably. You can process machine data, connect SCADA and multi-clouds or monitor threshold values.

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers
INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers


Edge Computing and Managed Services


Firmware icom OS


Connectivity Suite


icom VPN Service


icom Data Suite


Remote Management

Electromobility with INSYS icom

Intelligent charging of electric vehicles
– ISO 15118 and Powerline Green PHY™

Communication technology for the E-mobility charging infrastructure

Charging solutions for the mobility turnaround

The energy transition is playing an important role on the way to climate neutrality. Road traffic will contribute its share by replacing combustion engines with electric drive systems based on green electricity. In addition to drive and battery technology, charging options are the key success factor here. Numerous, reliable and flexible charging points are therefore essential to make e-mobility viable and to provide the future infrastructure for road traffic.

This is by no means relevant only to energy suppliers, grid providers and automobile companies. Every company with interfaces to E-mobility needs to expect changes and opportunities, and to actively shape them: it is entirely possible that in your environment, too, there will be a need for action in the areas of charging station solutions, charging network operation or fleet management.

Charging infrastructure in practice

The following interactive illustration shows the individual processes of a charging operation:

EV charger

Solutions and products from INSYS icom

In order to make e-mobility practical, INSYS icom offers a powerful combination of solutions expertise, products and technology:

Charging communication: between vehicle and charging station

Powerline Green PHY™ gateway from our own development and production as the core technical element for data communication with the vehicle in accordance with ISO 15118-3 and DIN SPEC 7012, including plug & play capability.

INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

Internet communication: router portfolio incl. edge computing, device management and mobile radio communication options

  • Router portfolio with flexible and redundant communication paths such as mobile radio or fibre, as well as the icom OS operating system with support for individual software solutions that run on site in the routers of the charging stations as encapsulated container applications (edge computing, e.g. for charging service administration and load management).
  • SIM solutions for Europe-wide mobile communication – everywhere and reliably.
  • iRM router management for the administration of all charging station routers, including your existing software solutions. Integration into an existing charging station management system and zero-touch provisioning are planned.
INSYS icom Industrial Cellular Routers

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